July 16, 2009

Home on the Ranch

Those of you who love mid-century modern probably know Cliff May's name. May is known as the Father of the Modern California Ranch Home. During his lifetime, he designed around 18,000 tract homes and more than 1000 custom homes all over the United States. His homes were built with a pronounced emphasis on marrying the indoors with the outdoors...an especially popular notion in sunny Southern California, where most of his homes were built.

In the 40's and 50's, May built many of his famous homes in Long Beach, CA...the wonderful city I happened to grow up in. On occasion, these still fabulous homes go up for sale, and they are a hot commodity!

Here are some pictures from a few May houses in Long Beach (more to come...):


April said...

My friend lives in a Cliff May home. I hooked her up with the realtor and she found a beautiful one, I love those homes as well!!

tara said...

ooh, lucky girl. is she decorating it according to the style or doing her own thing?

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