July 24, 2009

Perspectives and Light

What's the remedy for that annoying, small, dark room in your house? Well, you may not be surprised to know that one of the best ways to multiply natural light and make a room look bigger is by using mirrors.

Place a mirror on the wall opposite a light source and the reflecting light will open up and brighten the space by leaps and bounds!

I came across this very cool modern mirror at CB2 and thought I would share it with you.

The other cool thing about this mirror is that the multiple angles will reflect wall colors and various room accents, which, depending on the boldness of your color palette, really turns this mirror into a piece of modern art! If you need a mirror, you might as well choose one that fully satisfies your creative appetite!

(CB2 is the modern take on Crate and Barrel. Much more my speed than the original. They have cool stuff and great sales. Keep an eye on them!)

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