July 17, 2009

Rx For Your Black Thumb

If you lack a green thumb but need some greenery in your living space, don't fret! I have a prescription for what ails you.

Well-known in mid-century decor, succulents are versatile, easy-to-care-for plants that are coming back in a big way. Not only are they popping up in homes and yards, they are also becoming popular as party favors, gifts, wedding bouquets, you name it!

You can plant them alone or together in your favorite vintage ceramics. I've even seen them in birdbaths!

Another idea, recently featured on Apartment Therapy, is to make a terrarium in a jar.

Below is a great "white elephant gift" that my talented fashion-blogger friend, Laura (check out Ascot Friday), made for a friend of hers. I love this.

And this is a fabulous display that my very talented chef friend, April (check out Modern Foodie), made for her kitchen/dining area.

Having a miniature garden of succulents is also affordable!

Cheap tip: find some existing succulents (perhaps in your neighbor's yard...shh...), pinch off a stem/branch, find a cute container, plant it in some soil, water every couple days, and the plant will root and grow. Once the plant is rooted, it requires very little water and will last forever!

Below are a few succulents I have on my dining room table. All of them are recent clippings from pre-existing plants. I potted them in cheap (yet cute) white ceramic pots from Ikea. I drilled holes in the bottom of each and placed them on water-absorbing cork pads (from Target) to save my table.

Now your black thumb has no excuse not to green up your space and give some impressive, yet economically fabulous gifts!


danicaraye said...

Even my black thumb tends to turn these beauties from green to black... so I've resorted to buying fake ones and arranging them the exact same way!

Michaels has them for the same price you'd buy them "real" at a nursery...and they look the same!

Love it.

tara said...

ha. oh danica...

maybe you paid way too much attention to it. you just have to ignore these plants, pretty much, and barely water them. they like that best. :)

April said...

looks great tara! i love the white pots from ikea. and thanks for the blog love ;)

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