July 14, 2009

Ready For Launch

The Vintage Modern is someone who recognizes that design is more than simple aesthetics. Design is about the creative process, about turning imagination into reality, about expressing your identity through your surroundings and the places you dwell.

The Vintage Modern is someone who relishes the brilliant design of the past and carries it with them as they boldly embrace the future...someone who equally delights in perusing a thrift store or wandering the halls of a modern art museum.

To those who love bright colors, absurd shapes, clean lines, and inspiring ingenuity...this blog is for you! My desire is to inspire each of you to create an environment that reflects who you are and what you love.

I will do my best to bring you amazing house tours, DIY projects, design tips and trends, fabulous vintage finds, handmade goodies from a variety of artists, and a look at the things that personally inspire me.



Chris said...

Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and seeing the amazing pictures you've posted.

AscotFriday said...

Yahoo!! I am excited for you!! Great job so far!! (Lets swap "blog interviews" down the line....)

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