August 12, 2009

Organic Designs by Aggelige

Apparently, beginning new full-time jobs and getting a new store up and running keeps a girl pretty busy and unfortunately unable to update her blog as often as she desires. I apologize for my absence over the last week. Seamlessly transitioning to a whole new life schedule is proving to be a bit more difficult than I thought!

However, the store is up and running and looks great! The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. The last post was mostly filled with concept pictures of the store, but I will post some actual pictures very soon!

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to a fabulous small business owner whose shop is directly across from ours. Operating out of an old silver, airstream trailer, Aggelige Spanos is a lovely lady who's trying to make a living around something she loves...something we also happen to love here at thevintagemodern....


Aggelige plants her beauties in various vintage and unique containers she has found on her many treasure hunts. She does an excellent job and I can't wait to get paid so I can take one of them home!

Here are some pictures of her adorable shop:

I highly encourage each of you to stop by if you're in the area. She has arrangements in every price range, size and shape! On top of that, Aggelige is one of the nicest people I've met in a long time! You can find her in her silver bullet every Wednesday - Sunday at The CAMP...2937 Bristol St in Costa Mesa, CA. And while you're at it, visit me at SEED!'s to the love of succulents, local artists, and turning your dreams into reality...

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Rachel C. said...

i'm a fan of succulents for many reasons - mainly for aesthetic purposes, but also because they're pretty darn hard to kill.


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