February 12, 2010

The "I Hate" Series...Part I

Here begins an occasional installment I'd like to call the “I Hate…” Series. Because there are too many monstrosities out there being passed off as “design” that just bug me to no end!

First off…

I Hate…Contemporary Kitchens!

Living in Orange County, I have seen more Tuscan, contemporary kitchens than I can stomach. If I see one more cookie-cutter kitchen with granite countertops, I may just die of granite overload! For example:

Yuck. You've basically just seen a picture of every kitchen in the city where I reside.

In the 50's, kitchens started becoming the hub of the house. We all know that eating fosters community...where we eat is where we gather! So, this begs the question…why would you want your kitchen to be generic, cold or void of feeling?

Does that look like a place you'd want to recline with friends? I mean, it's pretty...but, c'mon...

Kitchens are part of a home...they should be inviting and have character! If you live in an old house, don't gut the kitchen and replace it with contemporary nonsense...let some character remain (or at least rebuild it with character!) Whether old or new, kitchens can be completely stylish but still be warm, inviting and unique!

And don't be afraid of color! Color adds warmth and personality...

Even brand new, modern kitchens can have character...but they need to look LIVED in! I'll admit, I do think this one is pretty...

So...when you are thinking about your dream kitchen, imagine yourself there...holding a hot cup of tea and talking with a good friend. It might even be possible that the kitchen of your dreams is already under your nose, in your own home! Maybe it just needs a little refresher!

Until next time, when it comes to design...don't be concerned about keeping up with the Jones's...be yourself, be unique...and don't fall for the granite countertops. :)

P.S. If you have any great kitchen pictures to share, please do! We would love to see them!

P.P.S. I apologize if I am offending anyone, I'm sure your granite countertops are lovely. :)


A Ilin said...

See some great kitchen pictures at www.european-kitchen-design.com and more Americanized ones at www.kuche-cucina.com

Jen said...

i agree and GREAT picture. the table w/the white chairs around it is GORGEOUS!!! i live in OC too and get what you mean. i'm currently looking for a new dining set (hopefully MCM) and i see that style a lot. I live in an apt in an older ranch house that def has character and my kitchen is al white. so i'm trying to add some flavor but still compliment that. I need inspirational pics in choosing barstools. i do like the white ones shown in one of your pics too but i prefer color!

Tara Posen said...

Jen, I'm glad you get what I'm saying about OC. :) Awesome dining sets (especially MCM) are so hard to find without draining your life savings! I have to believe there is one out there just waiting for me...and for you!

As far as barstools, you could always find some cheap ones and paint them a custom color! Nevertheless, I'll try to find you some inspirational bar stools. :)

Lisa said...

Hehe you make me laugh!! I just moved & have great dining room furniture
but it's modern whereas my living room is more eclectic with some cool vintage pieces, so I'm trying to find a way to make them flow, but I'm
like u, where I'd rather slowly collect rad pieces instead of just fill
in w generic blah!!! Lemme kno when ur hitting up any flea markets/
estate sales soon... I wanna go with!!!

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