February 22, 2010

ModEats: Mid-Century Goes Country?

Question: What do you get when you mix mid-century modern with down-home country comforts?

Answer: TART - a fabulous restaurant in Los Angeles serving up food with a Southern flare in an environment to satisfy the design-happy.

Located on Fairfax, TART is directly across the street from The Farmer's Market at The Grove. Although The Grove offers many food options...it is totally worth it to walk across the street and experience this dining treasure.

The dining room can only be described as fabulous modern meets country kitchen. The pendant lamps, leather barstools and bright teal walls scream mid-century while the lace-lined cupboards, wooden chairs and sweetly displayed teacups remind you of apple pie and simpler times.

While the food was great and kept my tummy happy, I was busy gawking at the decor and the amazing patio. The center of the patio features an oversized collection of succulents while lines of clear bulbs criss-cross overhead, making it feel more like an outdoor room than a patio. We were snuggled in a corner booth on the patio with the best view in the house!

I wish I had taken pictures, the following online photos don't do it justice or show its finest features...

The restaurant is actually part of the Farmer's Daughter Hotel, which is an equally cool place and totally worth checking out!

So, next time you're in LA, check out TART. Follow the link to see their menu...because...after all, it IS a place to eat. :)

Just as a sidenote...I'm happy to report that they only serve grass-fed beef, free range chicken and organic greens! They're also well-known for their yummy breakfast. The service could be a little speedier, but in a place like this, who cares!



April said...

Looks great! We almost tried that restaurant when we stayed at Farmer's Daughter last year for our anniversary. And Farmer's Daughter is absolutely adorable! Just loved it, though the beds are a bit uncomfortable but the way they have it all decorated is great.

david john said...

good pictures!

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